New Stonefield Query for ALERE Version 5.0

Stonefield Software Inc. is pleased to announce the release of version 5.0 of Stonefield Query for ALERE. This release has numerous new features.

  • Stonefield Query has a new report type: gauge report. This allows you to create a gauge showing the current value of something compared to a target or goal value.
  • You can now create a “grouping” formula. A grouping formula is a powerful tool that allows you to create filtered summary values. For example, suppose you want columns in a report that show the sales for last year and the current year-to-date for each customer. Those aren’t single values retrieved from the database. Instead, for the first column, use a grouping formula that sums up the sales records for each customer for last year, and use a similar one but for the current year for the second column.
  • The Inventory Control Location Item Details table now also appears in the Purchase Orders module.
  • The Inventory Items table now has a Total Quantity on Hand field that contains the total quantity on hand from all locations.
  • The Inventory Shipments related tables no longer appear in the Order Entry or Purchase Orders modules to avoid confusion with the shipments tables already in those modules.
  • You can now password protect the file created when a report is output to file or email.
  • You can now print to Dymo LabelWriter labels.
  • The Schedule Report function is now available only to advanced users.
  • A new output type is now available: Microsoft Excel – Full Format (*.xlsx), which creates Excel 2007 or later files. The former Microsoft Excel (*.xls) output type was renamed to Microsoft Excel 97-2003 – Full Format (*.xls) so you can tell them apart. The new type does not require Microsoft Excel to be installed to create the file.
  • The “red” error dialog that appears when something goes wrong now has a Help button that brings up the help with information about that dialog.
  • The Locations page in the Options dialog is now available only to administrative users.
  • The Subscription Expired dialog, which appears when you have subscription licenses and your subscription has expired, now has a “Don’t remind me again” option; turn that option on to prevent the dialog from appearing again. Also, those licenses are now deactivated rather than being deleted, so if you renew your subscription, they are reactivated.


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