Because filters can be complicated, you can save and retrieve commonly used filters. A saved filter can also be used as the basis for a new, slightly different filter. If you retrieve a stored filter and make changes to it (perhaps adding a new condition or changing an existing condition), you may re-save it with the same or a different name.

Clicking the More button expands the filter dialog. Choosing this button again (which then appears as Less) restores the dialog to its former appearance.

The Store button is enabled when you have at least one condition defined for your filter. When you click this button, or right-click and choose Store Filter from the shortcut menu, a dialog appears which allows you to enter a name for your filter. You might want to include your own name in the filter name so others can tell whose filter it is. A name like "Ron's Filter - Jan/94" might be appropriate. You can also enter a more complete description of the filter if you wish. Type in the name and description and click the OK button. The name of the filter appears below the Store button.

To retrieve a filter, click the Retrieve button or right-click and choose Retrieve Filter from the shortcut menu. A list of stored filters is presented. All reports means display a list of all saved filters, while Selected report means display only saved filters for the current report. Select the one you wish to retrieve and press the OK button to load the saved filter. The name of the filter appears below the Store button and the filter conditions display in the list.

To delete a saved filter, press the Remove button or right-click and choose Remove Filter from the shortcut menu. A list of saved filters is presented from which you can select the one to delete. Click OK to delete the selected filter.

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