When you create a report, you select which folder that report goes into in Step 1 of the appropriate report wizard. However, you may later change your mind and wish to move it to another folder. There are a couple of ways to do that:

  • Edit the report and in Step 1 of the report wizard, select a different folder.

  • Much like moving a file from one folder to another in Windows Explorer, select the report and drag it to the desired folder in the Reports Explorer.

You can also have a report appear in more than one folder. For example, you may have a management report that exists in the Management Reports folder, but because you run it every day, you also want it to appear in your Favorites folder. To do that, select the report in the Reports Explorer and while holding down the Shift key, drag the report to the other folder. This doesn't move the report; instead, it creates a shortcut to it in the other folder. There aren't two copies of the report; instead, the report exists in both folders. So, you can edit either one to change the report. To remove the report, however, you must delete it from both folders.

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