When Stonefield Query is run from a scheduled task or another application, it sets an exit code so you can determine the outcome of the report request.

  • For a scheduled report, the Last Run Result column of the Windows Task Scheduler includes the hex value shown in the table below.

  • If you call Stonefield Query from a batch file, you can check the ERRORLEVEL system variable to determine the exit code.

  • From other applications, use the Windows API GetExitCodeProcess function; search http://msdn.microsoft.com for information on this function.

The following codes are used:

00x0Report ran successfully.
-10xFFFFFFFFStonefield Query terminated with an unexpected error.
-20xFFFFFFFEThere is no default printer driver.
-30xFFFFFFFDStonefield Query could not be started.
-40xFFFFFFFCThe configuration files are invalid.
-100xFFFFFFF6The request is to output to file but no file name was specified.
-110xFFFFFFF5The report name specified does not exist.
-120xFFFFFFF4An error occurred running the report.
-130xFFFFFFF3The report has ask-at-runtime conditions and not all values were provided (if AllowDialogs is not specified) or the user clicked Cancel in the ask-at-runtime dialog (if AllowDialogs is specified).
-140xFFFFFFF2Login failed: the user name and password weren't specified or were incorrect or that user is already logged in.
-150xFFFFFFF1The demo or unactivated version has expired.
-160xFFFFFFF0The location of the configuration files could not be determined.
-170xFFFFFFEFA component is missing. Please check with your support staff for a resolution to this problem.
-180xFFFFFFEEThe reports table cannot be opened.
-190xFFFFFFEDThe security tables cannot be opened.
-200xFFFFFFECA script failed.
-210xFFFFFFEBThere are no data sources available to query on.
-220xFFFFFFEAThe location of the reports table has not been specified.
-230xFFFFFFE9Invalid license file.
-240xFFFFFFE8Setting up of the data and report engines failed.
-250xFFFFFFE7The printer name specified in the PRINTER= parameter does not exist.
-260xFFFFFFE6An invalid output type was specified.
-270xFFFFFFE5The resource file cannot be located.
-280xFFFFFFE4You are running a newer application when your maintenance has expired.
-290xFFFFFFE3The program could not connect to one of the databases specified in a multi-database report.
-300xFFFFFFE2The parameters file specified in the command line doesn't exist.
-310xFFFFFFE1The parameters file specified in the command line is invalid.
-320xFFFFFFE0Activation of a license failed.
-330xFFFFFFDFA scheduled report is supposed to email the report but email settings haven't been set up.
-340xFFFFFFDEThe folder for the specified output file doesn't exist.
-350xFFFFFFDDThe report cannot be emailed for some reason.
-360xFFFFFFDCThe AfterLogin script returned false.

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