If you have a lot of reports, it can be difficult finding the one you're looking for. You have to expand each folder, look through the list of reports, and if you don't find it, go onto the next folder. You may not even remember the exact name of the report, just that it contains "taxes."

Sometimes it's helpful to see which reports use a particular field. Perhaps it's a formula you're not sure is being used. Perhaps you discovered that a different field contains the data you actually want so you need to change all reports using the first field to the new one.

The Find Reports function in the Tools menu or the Home tab of the ribbon handles this for you.

You have several choices for finding reports:

  • Type as much of the name as you wish into the Text to find box.

  • To find reports you modified recently, turn on Last modified on or after and enter a date.

  • To find reports using a specific field, turn on Find reports using field and select the table and field you want to search reports for.

You can use one, two, or all three of these to specify your search criteria. Click the Search button to start the search. If no reports match, you are informed of that. Otherwise, the list shows the names of the reports matching your criteria.

Selecting a report in the list automatically selects it in the Reports Explorer, so you can edit or delete it if you wish. You can leave the Find Reports dialog open as long as you want.

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