When starting Stonefield Query, I receive the message "This application has failed to start because GMSSL32.dll was not found."

This error message will appear if Query is unable to find one of the GoldMine program files. The cause of this error is usually a problem with the GoldMine installation - either with this file itself, or the Windows "path" setting for locating such files. Use the instructions below to resolve this problem.

One cause of this error message is a problem with the Windows path setting. Follow these steps to check and resolve this problem:

  • Right-click the My Computer icon.
  • Choose Properties from the popup menu to bring up the System Properties screen.
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Click the Environment Variables button.
  • In the System Variables list, select the <>Path<> item, and click the Edit button.
  • The path variable value is a list of locations separated by semicolons. Verify that your GoldMine program folder is included in this list. If it is not, add a semicolon followed by your GoldMine program folder to the end of the path value.
  • Click OK to close the Variable Value screen.
  • Click OK to close the Environment Variables screen.

If the issue is not resolved after trying the above instructions, it's possible to have Stonefield Query skip the process requiring the gmssl32.dll file. This will prevent the error from appearing. However, Query's User Groups fields depend on this file, so these fields will no longer be available in this case.

To do this, open Stonefield Query's data.ini file. Instructions for locating this file are available in the changing the location topic. In the Options section of the file, add the line GoldMineAPI=No. For example, this section of data.ini will then have contents similar to:


With this change in place, you can restart Stonefield Query and the error message should no longer come up.

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