Does Stonefield Query work with Windows Terminal Server or Citrix?

Yes, it works the same on Windows Terminal Server or Citrix as it does a normal network server, with the same features and licensing. The only exception is that reports cannot be scheduled on a Citrix server since Citrix doesn't support the Windows Task Scheduler API.

Can you create formulas?

Yes, you can create formulas for a report using Formula Editor.

Can you suppress sections of the report?

Stonefield Query has a "summary report" feature that suppresses all detailed fields that have not been grouped. Also, you can use the Advanced Report Designer to change anything you wish in headers, footers, etc.

Can you parse string fields, such as looking for data in the first two positions of a field?

You can create a filter that uses the "contains" or "begins with" operator.

Can I include columns in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in a report?

You can add any data source, including a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, to Stonefield Query using the Add Data Source function in the Tools menu.

Can I create a report that shows both current and history information on the same report?

Yes. To do so, select the table with "(Current + History)" in the name. For example, to create a report with both current and history AR journal records in it, select the "AR Journal File (Current + History)". These tables have a "Record Type" field that contains either "Current" or "History", showing where the record came from. You can sort or group on this field if desired so all the records from current and history appear together.

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