When you run Stonefield Query for the first time, it prompts you for the location of the Sage Pro ERP program directory because it uses configuration information in that directory to locate the Sage Pro databases. You can change this location in the Locations page of the Options dialog.

This location is stored in Data.INI in the Stonefield Query program directory (that file also stores the location of Stonefield Query's reports). Here's an example of this file; the TargetApp setting specifies where Sage Pro is located.

CommonFiles=C:\Program Files\Stonefield Query\

If you have multiple copies of Sage Pro on your system or your network and want to change to a different copy, edit this file and change the setting of TargetApp to a different directory. If you frequently switch between different versions, you can enter multiple lines of TargetApp settings and disable the ones you aren't currently using by prefixing them with a semi-colon. To change to a different location, you simply edit the file and remove the semi-colon from one entry and add it to another. Here's an example that has three different Sage Pro locations:

CommonFiles=C:\Program Files\Stonefield Query\

You can configure Stonefield Query to use the Sage Pro DSN directly instead of going through the Sage Pro COM component when accessing SQL Server. To do this, add the following to DATA.INI:


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