Reporting4Act! comes with over 200 pre-defined sample reports. To add any of these to your list of reports, choose the Import Reports function, move into the Sample Reports subdirectory of your Reporting4Act! program directory, and select the desired report. There are sample reports designed for Act! 2010 (12.0) and later, for Act! 2005-2013, for Act! 3.0-6.0, for Swiftpage, and for QuoteWerks. Since the structures of these databases are very different, reports created for one cannot be run against the others. See the Understanding Act! Data Providers and Versions topic for more information.

Act! 2010+ Sample Reports

Act! 2005-2013 Sample Reports

Act! 3.0 - 6.0 Sample Reports

Swiftpage Sample Reports

QuoteWerks Sample Reports

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