Act! allows you to create groups, which are fixed subsets of contact records that meet specific sets of conditions. When you select a group, the contact database appears to contain only the members of that group. All other contact records are hidden from view. Groups are ideal for navigating, emailing, print labels, and other types of operations on a specific set of contacts.

While groups are a powerful feature, they can also be complicated to set up in the Act! query builder. On the other hand, Reporting4Act! makes it very simple to create a subset of records by filtering. So, using the Create/Update Act! Group function in Reporting4Act! is a quick and easy way to create a group in Act!. Note that you can also perform this operation using command-line parameters.

To use this feature, first select a report and set a filter that will result in the desired subset of contacts. Next, select the Create/Update Act! Group function in the Tools Menu.

This dialog has the following options:

  • Group name: the name for the new group.

  • Description: a description for the group.

  • Create new group as subgroup: turn this setting on if you want this group to be a subgroup of another group.

  • Parent: this option, which is only available when the Create new group as subgroup setting is turned on, is the name of the group that this group will be a subgroup of.

  • Group name: if you want to update an existing group rather than create a new one, select the existing group from this drop down.

  • Update Group or Overwrite Group: choose the appropriate setting depending on what you want to do. Update Group will add all contacts from the report to the existing group, while Overwrite Group will clear the existing group of contacts before adding all contacts from the report.

After filling in the options, click the Create Group button to create a new group, Update Group to update the existing group, or Cancel to close the dialog.

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