When I attempt to log in to my Act! database, I receive the message "Cannot CoCreateInstance(CLSID_IOleDBSecurityImp)."

This error message is most often due to a bug in the Act! 2007 update process for the update from Act! version 9.00 to 9.01, although it can appear in other circumstances as well. The Act! update fails to register a particular file with Windows, which results in this error message in Reporting4Act!. Registering this file manually will resolve this issue.

The Reporting4Act! installation includes a small utility program to do this registration for you. This program is called CannotCoCreateInstance-Fix.bat, and is stored in the Utilities subdirectory of your Reporting4Act! program directory. You can open this file in a text editor such as Notepad; the file contains further instructions for its use.

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