When I attempt to run certain reports with certain Act! databases, I receive a Provider : Not enough memory resources are available to complete this operation. error message.

A bug exists in Act! version 21 and later that can corrupt the internal structure of Act! database tables under some circumstances. If an Act! database table is affected by this issue, then any Reporting4Act! data requests using that table will fail, and give this not enough memory resources message. A tool for resolving this database issue has been created by SwiftPage, so if you are receiving this error message repeatedly, running this tool is likely to resolve the problem.

Please note that it is highly recommended that the database be backed up before applying this fix. There have been no reports of problems caused by running this fixer tool, but it is always a good practice to ensure a backup is available before applying this type of change to a database.

The database fixer tool is named DBFixer_2110_OLEDBGeo.exe, and it is located in the Utilities folder inside the main Reporting4Act! program folder. Double-click this file to run the tool. When it is run, the tool will first display a disclaimer and warning recommending performing a database backup prior to executing the fix. Then, the tool's main screen will be displayed:

Select your database in the list, and click the Apply Fix button to execute the fix. The process should complete in a short time. The error in Reporting4Act! should then be resolved.

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