When I attempt to log in to my Act! database, I receive the message "Permission Denied"

The Permission Denied message usually indicates that the Act! user name and password you have entered were rejected by Act!. Your Act! user names are listed in Act!'s Manage Users screen, which is available on the Tools menu in Act!. There are also some versions of Act! which require that this password be entered in all lowercase letters, even if your Act! password contains some uppercase characters.

In rare cases, this error message can be due to a problem with the Act! OLE/DB provider's data views. If this error persists, and you are sure you have entered proper Act! credentials, try recreating the Act! data views as described in the reporting views topic.

It's also possible for this error to appear when the location specified in the database .pad file isn't valid for the workstation running Reporting4Act!. If Reporting4Act! receives the Permission Denied message from Act!, it checks to see whether the location in the .pad file is valid. If not, Reporting4Act! includes this information at the bottom of its Permission Denied message:

If you see this "Additionally" text in the Permission Denied message, and you're sure that the Act! credentials you're using in Reporting4Act! are correct, then it's likely that this issue is the cause of the problem. The solution is to create a copy of the .pad file with the location value changed, and to use this copy in Reporting4Act!. This way, Act! itself can continue to use the original .pad file with no changes.

  • Create a copy of the .pad file. It's usually a good idea to use "Reporting" in the name of the new copy, since it's only intended to be used with Reporting4Act!.

  • Edit the new file in Notepad or a similar text editor. The file will contain a location value, such as: location="D:\Example\Invalid" This location value needs to be changed to a location that's visible to your workstation. Or, in many cases the value portion of the location can simply be cleared, as in: location=""

  • With this change made, save the new .pad file, add it to Reporting4Act!'s database list, and try connecting to it.

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