Note that starting in version 4.0, this option can be set using the Tools->Options screen. The option can still be set by editing the .ini file directly, as described below.

Act! 2005 and later versions store their data in SQL Server, and for most items Reporting4Act! retrieves data directly from the SQL Server database. However, the Act! 2005-2009 data provider does not make activity information available in this way. Because of this, when using the Act! 2005-2009 data provider, Reporting4Act! retrieves the activity information through calls to the Act! program itself (using the Act! SDK). For several reasons, Reporting4Act! retrieves roughly one month of activity information at a time, rather than all at once. In some cases, performance is improved by retrieving the data all at once. To have Reporting4Act! do this, add a Serialize=No item in an [Activities] section of data.ini.


The case where this is most useful is for reports for which there are few activity records in the database, particularly in cases where the report activity filter is for a large date range.

For more information on Act! data providers, see the Understanding Act! Data Providers topic.

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