With a license level of Pro or higher, Reporting4Act! supports reporting on TopLine Designer database customizations. Normally, Reporting4Act! is able to automatically locate the TopLine settings file. In some rare cases, this automatic detection doesn't work, and in those cases it's possible to specify the file location manually.

This TopLine settings file is normally named Metadata.dna.xml, and is normally located in the Layouts folder of an Act! database's files folder. To specify the location of this file for a particular Act! database, create a ini section for the database name, and add a TopLineFile= item to it. The database section is created by placing the database pad file name in square brackets, as in [Act2018Demo.pad]. To see the exact text to use for the database name, choose the About Reporting4Act! item on the Reports Explorer's Help menu. The name to use is listed as Current database on the About screen.

TopLineFile=S:\Act2018Demo-database files\Layouts\Metadata.dna.xml

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