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Stonefield Query for Goldmine immediately shuts down after starting. How can I fix this?


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  • Stonefield Query for GoldMine

Problem: When Stonefield Query for Goldmine is started, it appears momentarily, and then immediately shuts down. 

Explanation: Stonefield Query for Goldmine reads the "gm.ini" Goldmine configuration file to determine which databases are available to report on. During startup, Stonefield Query will go through this configuration file and add each database defined in the file as an available database to report on. If this is the first time Stonefield Query has seen a particular database, it will prompt for the SQL Server user id (most commonly the "sa" user) and password. Also on this prompt is a checkbox labeled "I do not want to query on this database". 

Clicking the "I do not want to query on this database" checkbox will cause Stonefield Query to ignore that database in the future. If this checkbox is checked for all available databases, then there isn't anything for Stonefield Query to do, and it simply shuts down. There must be at least one database for Stonefield Query to connect to. 

Solution: To resolve the problem, you must edit the "data.ini" configuration file and remove any lines that read "Noprompt=y". 

  1. Locate the data.ini file. The default location for this file is in the "data" subfolder of the Stonefield Query program folder. Because the Stonefield Query program folder is by default located in C:\Stonefield Query for Goldmine\, this makes the data.ini file likely to be located in C:\Stonefield Query for Goldmine\Data
  2. Open the data.ini file in notepad, or a similar text editor. Look at the "CommonFiles=" line, which will be followed by either a path, or a period. If the line contains a period, or the path is the same folder that contains the currently open data.ini file, go to step 4. Otherwise, proceed to step 3. 
  3. Because CommonFiles points to a different location, it means there will be a second data.ini file at that location which is the one that needs to be edited. Browse to the path that follows commonfiles= and locate the data.ini file there, and open it up in a text editor like notepad. 
  4. With the correct data.ini file open, look for lines that read "noprompt=y". Remove this line from any database section you want to report on in Stonefield Query. If you aren't sure, simply remove all lines with noprompt=y. Save the file. 
  5. Start Stonefield Query once more. It will now prompt you to enter the username and password for SQL Server for each database it has detected. If you aren't sure what the SQL Server username and password are, you need to contact your organization's System Administrator. 
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