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A message reading "Stonefield Query is unable to create a directory for its files" appears when Stonefield Query is started.


Applies to:

  • Stonefield Query SDK

  • Stonefield Query for AccountMate

  • Stonefield Query for ACT!

  • Stonefield Query for Alere

  • Stonefield Query for GoldMine

  • Stonefield Query for HEAT

  • Stonefield Query for Sage 300 ERP

  • Stonefield Query for Sage Pro

Problem: A message reading "Stonefield Query is unable to create a directory for its files called -directory-. This error is likely due to insufficient rights on the server." appears when Stonefield Query is started.

Explanation: Stonefield Query maintains a number of data files, and these files are kept in a single directory. During its startup process, Query verifies that this directory exists; if the directory does not exist, then Query attempts to create it. This message indicates that Query has attempted to create the data directory, and the creation has failed.

The most common cause of this problem is that the current Windows user does not have sufficient permissions to create the directory. The message can also appear if the directory already exists but is marked as hidden.

Solution: If the directory listed in the error message already exists, ensure that it is not marked as hidden. If the directory does not exist, ensure that the Windows user has sufficient rights to create it.

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