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How do I recreate ACT!'s database views using the ActDiag tool?


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  • Stonefield Query for ACT!

Stonefield Query for ACT! uses database views to report against ACT! databases. In some circumstances, these database views are not created properly by the ACT! installer, or they are corrupted in some way. In these cases, the views need to be recreated using the ACT! Diagnostics program, as follows.

  1. Launch the ACT! Diagnostics program. This is an ACT! utility program installed in your ACT! program folder. The name of this program depends on your version of ACT!. For ACT! 2005, the program file is Act7Diag.exe; for ACT! 2006 it is Act8Diag.exe; for later versions of ACT! it is ActDiag.exe. You can run this program by choosing Run from your Windows Start menu, and entering the program file name.
  2. Click the Databases tab on the left side of the Act Diag window. In later versions of ACT!, this item is available through a Databases menu item at the top of the ACT! window.
  3. In the grid of databases, right-click your ACT! database.
  4. Choose Rebuild OLE/DB Report Objects from the Database Rebuild menu item.

You will be prompted to verify that you want to rebuild these objects; choose Yes. After a short time, a message box will appear indicating that the database rebuild is complete.

If you are using ACT! 2010 or later, you should also run the Rebuild OLEDB v2.0 Report Objects item from the Database Rebuild menu item.

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