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Changing Data Source Connection Information


Applies to:

  • Stonefield Query SDK

  • Stonefield Query for GoldMine

  • Stonefield Query for HEAT

  • Stonefield Query for Sage 300 ERP

If you change something about the connection information for a database (move it to a new server, change the password, etc.), you'll need to tell Stonefield Query about the new information. One way to do this is to delete DSN.DBF in the Data subdirectory of the Stonefield Query program folder. This file contains the cached data source information and is recreated if it doesn't exist.

The next time you run Stonefield Query, the Setup dialog will display and you can select the data sources you want to connect to. Note that you may also have to edit the ODBC data sources (DSNs) to have the correct information as well; use the ODBC Administrator to do that.

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