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A message reading Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server : The multi-part identifier -name- could not be bound appears when running a report.


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  • Stonefield Query for ACT!

Problem: A message reading "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server : The multi-part identifier -name- could not be bound" appears when running a report.

Explanation: This message can appear for reports in the following specific circumstances.

  • The report uses the ACT! 2005-2009 data provider.
  • The report is being run with ACT! 2010 or later.
  • The fields on the report are all from one of the opportunity tables, such as Contact Opportunity or Company Opportunity.
  • The report filters on at least two opportunity fields, including at least one calculated field.
  • The report does not include the Opportunity ID field.

Solution: The error message can be prevented by avoiding any of the conditions in the above list. The simplest solution is to add the Opportunity ID field to the report. If you do not wish to display this field on the report, you can turn off the Display this field checkbox in its field properties screen.

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