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How to run WSSetup from the SDK folder


Applies to:

  • Stonefield Query SDK

  • Stonefield Query for AccountMate

  • Stonefield Query for ACT!

  • Stonefield Query for Alere

  • Stonefield Query for GoldMine

  • Stonefield Query for HEAT

  • Stonefield Query for Sage 300 ERP

  • Stonefield Query for Sage Pro

WSSetup, the workstation installer, is intended to be run from a server folder created when you create a setup executable from Stonefield Query Studio and run that setup on the server. If you install the Stonefield Query SDK on a server and try to run WSSetup.exe from the Setup File folder, you'll get the following error message:

'The application file does not exist in the <folder name> directory. Please run this workstation-only setup file from the server directory where the program is already installed.'

If you want users on your network to run Stonefield Query from the SDK folder, you can use WSSetup, but you need to do a few things first:

  • Create a new subdirectory of the SDK folder named Runtime and copy all of the files in the Setup Files folder to it.
  • Copy WSSetup.exe from the Setup Files folder up one level to the SDK program folder.
  • Create a file named Setup.ini in the SDK program folder with the following content:

AppName=Stonefield Query
Company=Stonefield Software Inc.

You should then be able to run WSSetup on the workstations.

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