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I deleted a report but it keeps reappearing


Applies to:

  • Stonefield Query SDK

  • Stonefield Query for AccountMate

  • Stonefield Query for ACT!

  • Stonefield Query for Alere

  • Stonefield Query for GoldMine

  • Stonefield Query for HEAT

  • Stonefield Query for Sage 300 ERP

  • Stonefield Query for Sage Pro

When I delete one of my reports, it looks like it's removed but when I reopen Stonefield Query, the report is back. What can I do about this?

This can happen if SFX files are copied and edited outside of Stonefield Query. The SFX file is a text file that, among other things, has a Folder element that contains the folder it's supposed to be in. However, if the SFX file is in a different physical folder, Stonefield Query gets confused and reimports the report at startup.

The solution is to delete Reports.dbf in the folder where reports are stored (using the About function in the Help menu to check the Reports Data Folder setting). The next time you start Stonefield Query, it will rebuild this file. Then deleting a report should permanently remove the report.


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