The Essential Reporting Solution for Legrand CRM Users

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Stonefield Query for Legrand CRM is quite simply the most powerful, easy-to-use reporting product on the market for your Legrand CRM data. And now it's available in three different tiers to fit every budget.

Stonefield Query provides a step-by-step method to create professional business reports from information stored in Legrand CRM. Anyone can create detailed reports, high level overview, drill-down, charts/graphs, pivot tables, and more in minutes rather than hours.

We Know Legrand

Stonefield Query knows the Legrand CRM database structure, and has been delivering industry-leading reporting solutions for years. With three new tiers to fit everyone's budget, it has the following special features:

Sample Reports

Get started immediately with our sample reports! Stonefield Query comes with numerous sample reports that can be run or used as a starting point for report design, and used with our Basic viewer program in runtime.

Reporting Made Simple

Stonefield Query walks you through the reporting process in 6 easy-to-follow steps so you can build professional reports in minutes, not days.

Displays Field Descriptions

All fields (even user-defined fields) appear with the caption you've assigned rather than the field name or "User-Defined."

Easy Company/Contact Reporting

The Combined Companies and Contacts virtual table makes it easy to report on both companies and contacts in the same report.

Handles Lookup Fields

Many descriptive lookup fields, such as Full Contact Name, are available so you don't have to pick fields from different tables.

Handles Code Fields

Displays the expected value for many code fields rather than the actual values as Legrand stores them so you don't have to figure out what those numeric values mean.

Schedule and Automatically Deliver Reports

Automatically deliver reports via e-mail, file, or printer. Schedule them to run anytime you need them to, and never miss a reporting commitment to your peers, customers, or vendors (requires Ultimate).

Charts, Graphs, and Dashboards

Create bar, line, area, and pie charts as well as series charts. Dashboards combine multiple charts into one consolidated view of your data. Zoom in and out on the dashboard, update individual reports manually, and output the dashboard to file.

Microsoft Excel PivotTable Reporting

Extend your data analysis with Microsoft Excel PivotTables.

Create Your Own Custom Formulas

Define your own custom calculations to use in any report. Use any of the hundreds of built-in functions or create your own.

Filters and Exclusions

Filters allow you to narrow down your results without programming, such as product sales by customer for this year, month, or week. Exclusions allow you to report on things not recorded in Legrand, such as all companies that bought something last year but not this year.

Multiple Database Support

You can run reports on more than one Legrand database. You can even consolidate records from multiple companies into one report (requires Ultimate). For example, you could show all outstanding invoices from all companies on the same report, including showing which company each one came from.

Stonefield Query Product Tiers

Run any type of reportXXXX
Includes built-in reportsXXXX
Import reports created by othersXXXX
Prompt for filter values ("ask at runtime")XXXX
Output reports to file (PDF, Excel, etc.)XXXX
Email reportsXXXX
Support multiple databasesXXXX
Drill down from summary to detail reportsXXXX
Create/edit row and column ("quick") reports XXX
Create/edit cross-tabulation reports XXX
Create/edit labels XXX
Create/edit batch reports XXX
Create formulas XXX
Create drilldown reports XXX
Create/edit charts  XX
Add charts to quick and cross-tab reports  XX
Edit report layout ("Advanced Report Designer")  XX
Create/edit templates  XX
Create/edit gauges   X
Create/edit dashboards   X
Create subreports   X
Report on multiple databases in same report   X
Schedule reports   X
Usage reporting   X
Number of free support tickets per year12410

Please note:

 All prices are in U.S. dollars.

 "Basic" viewer licenses are available by subscription only and require software maintenance be kept current

 Products can be upgraded

 Scheduled reports are not available in Citrix environments

System Requirements

Sample Reports