When you run a report, you often do not want every available record displayed or printed. Selecting a subset of records to work with is called filtering. The Filter page of the Reports Explorer and the report wizards allows you to specify which records are included in the report. You can also query against multiple databases using this page.

This page may not be available for some reports.

This page has the following options:

  • Use same filter next time report is run: if this option is turned on, any filter specified is used as the default filter the next time the report is selected. Of course, the filter can be changed the next time, but this option is handy if you usually use the same filter each time the report is run.

  • Filter: click this button to display the Filter dialog. This dialog allows you to determine which records to include in the report. The space below the Filter button shows the filter specified for this report.

  • Warning if no filter when report is run: if you run a report without creating a filter for it and there are a lot of records in the tables in that report, it can take a long time to run the report. To prevent this, Stonefield Query warns you that there is no filter for the report and gives you the option of running the report anyway or canceling. If you don't want to see this warning message when you run this report without a filter, turn the Warning if no filter when report is run setting off. You can set the Default warning if no filter when a report is run setting as desired in the Options dialog to control this for all new reports.

  • Exclude: click this button to display the Exclude dialog. This dialog allows you to determine which records to exclude in the report. The space below the Exclude button shows the exclusion filter specified for this report.

  • Databases: you can report on data from more than one database in the same report. To do that, click the Databases button to display a list of databases to include in this report.

    This function is only available if you have an Ultimate license.

    Turn on the checkbox in front of a database to include it in a report. If none are selected, the report includes data from the currently selected database only. Turn on the "All" option to automatically select all databases or turn it off to deselect all databases.

    Note that every table has a "Source Database" field that contains the name of the database each record came from. Include this field in your report if you want to see which database contained each record. The space below the Databases button shows the databases selected for this report.

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