There are several folders related to Reporting4Act!:

  • Program folder: the folder the Reporting4Act! program files are installed in. By default, this folder is under C:\Program Files on your system, but you may have chosen to install it in a different location or on a network server. This folder is probably read-only due to Windows security. As a result, some files Reporting4Act! needs to write to are stored in other folders.

  • Data: the Data subdirectory of the program folder contains "system data" files Reporting4Act! needs, such as the license file, the users files, the error log file if errors occur, diagnostic files, and so forth. All users have read-write permission to this folder since Reporting4Act! must be able to write to these files. If you want to change the location of this folder (that is, you don't want to use the Data subdirectory of the program folder), see the Changing the Location for Reports topic.

  • Reports folder: the first time you run Reporting4Act!, the Setup dialog asks you to specify the folder where reports should go. You can either specify a folder on your system or one on a network server, but in either case, it must be a folder to which you have read-write permission. This means you likely cannot select the program folder since, as mentioned earlier, this folder is often read-only. The location you specify is stored in Data.ini in the Data folder; you can edit this file to change the location if necessary.

    If you configured Reporting4Act! to use a server database to store its data, the Data subdirectory only contains a few files and there is no Reports folder.

  • Sample Templates: this subdirectory of the program folder contains the report templates Reporting4Act! comes with. These are automatically imported the first time the application is started but are available in case you delete some templates and later wish to re-import them.

  • Windows System: Reporting4Act! installs several DLL and OCX files (special system files) it needs in the Windows System folder (C:\Windows\System32 in 32-bit systems and C:\Windows\SysWOW64 in 64-bit systems). These files are only installed if they don't already exist, but are installed on your system even if you installed Reporting4Act! on a network server.

  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VFP: this folder contains additional DLL files Reporting4Act! requires. These are installed on your system even if you installed Reporting4Act! on a network server.

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